GoboLinux 016

This is my note while trying with new release GoboLinux 016 inside VirtualBox.

GoboLinux VM VirtualBox configured as below:

  • KVM
sudo su -

Xorg -configure
 cp xorg.conf.new /etc/xorg.conf

vim /etc/xorg.conf
 Section "Device"
 # Driver "fbdev"
 Driver "vesa"


ip addr ls
 dhcpd enp0s1
 cd /Data/Compile/Recipes
 find . | grep -i tmux


NewVersion Tmux 2.3 https://github.com/tmux/tmux/releases/download/2.3/tmux-2.3.tar.gz
 Compile Tmux 2.3
vim /System/Settings/Compile/Compile.conf
 compileRecipeAuthor="Muhammad Najib Bin Ibrahim <mnajib@gmail.com>"

ContributeRecipe Tmux 2.3

#scp najib@tomato:~/.tmux.conf

If have broken links from previous installation attempt, try run this prior to Compile:

$ find /System/Index | RemoveBroken

To install package:

InstallPackage -b -C Qt




My OS Watch List

Berikut adalah senarai opensource OS yang menarik perhatian saya.

– FreeBSD
– LinuxMint
– Android-x86
– ReactOS
– NixOS
– GoboLinux


GoboLinux (http://www.gobolinux.org/) dan NixOS (http://www.nixos.org/) adalah OS yang paling saya teruja. Ini adalah kerana saya sangat tertarik dengan idea kaedah filesystem dan package manager.


Dan opensource OS yang seterusnya ialah ReactOS (http://www.reactos.org/).

gobolinux: New Major Release

GoboLinux 015, the new major release of GoboLinux.


GoboLinux, the Linux distribution featuring a rethought file system structure. This is the first full-system image release in a number of years, after a long period in which we kept only updating compilation recipes. Packages were built using both ALFS (Automated Linux from Scratch) and our custom dynamically-generated sandboxed environment which insulates the source code and its dependencies during compilation. Major upgrades include the Enlightenment 18 desktop and kernel version 3.14.2, as well as new versions of the GoboLinux management tools. Please check the Release Notes for details and download instructions.

Refer: http://gobolinux.org/

Sony-Ericsson Xperia X8

Tested on
Sony Xperia x8 (e15i)


*remove sim card from phone
*backup sd card

Download & Install Required Software on PC

  • fastboot driver for Windows?
  • adb driver for Windows?
  • sony pc companion.
  • superoneclick.
  • recoverx
  • need internet connection (wifi prefered).
  • need usb-.. cable.

To reinstall to stock rom/…

  1. recharge battery to more than 80% full
  2. use sony pc companion, repair
    support zone > start
    software update > start
    repair my phone/tablet
    select phone model: x8 (e15) > next
  3. turn phone off > remove battery
  4. disconnect usb cable (if connected)
  5. push an hold ‘start/power’ phone button for 4 seconds …
  6. wait 10 seconds …
  7. add battery
  8. while press and hold ‘back’ button, plug in usb cable from pc to phone.
    hold the ‘back’ button until green light appear at phone indicator.
    The installation now will continue.
  9. reboot the phone.
  10. configure date/time, timezone, time/date display format.

To rooting & install superuser

  1. start phone.
  2. setting > applications > development > enable/allow usb debuging.
  3. connect phone-usb-pc.
  4. at pc; you might need to turn-off ‘anti-virus’.
  5. at pc; superoneclick > general > root.
  6. click ‘yes’ to install busybox.
  7. reboot phone.
  8. superoneclick > general > sheel root.
  9. reboot phone.

To install cwm recovery

  1. on pc; start recoverx.
  2. select your phone brand: sony ericsson.
  3. select devie: xperia x8.
  4. select ‘cwm-based recovery’.
  5. do not select ‘developer mode’ (this function is for the recoveryx software
  6. click ‘next’ button.
  7. when download complete, wait until it prompt to click ‘next/continue’;
    connect phone usb to pc, and then click ‘next/continue’.
  8. it will continue with installing cwm recovery to phone.
  9. click ‘exit’.
  10. reboot phone.

*You may need to apply all this steps again if you cannot go to cwm recovery mode.

  • On pc; you might need to re-enable / turn-on anti-virus.

Configure standard keyboard (chinese keyboard, touchpal version)

For ‘default input’ keyboard?:

  1. setting > language & keyboard > default input > quick text setting >
    spelling correction > off.
  2. setting > language & keyboard > default input > quick text setting >
    disable ‘quick fixes’.
  3. setting > language & keyboard > default input > disable ‘vibration on

For ‘chinese keyboard’:

  1. setting > language & keyboard > chinese keyboard >
  2. portrait keyboard > full qwerty.
  3. disable ‘predict next word’.
  4. enable ‘slide-down symbols’.
  5. Do NOT select ‘Quick text’ in ‘English Input Method’.

For ‘TouchPal X’ keyboard:

To set default keyboard to ‘Chinese keyboard’:

  1. While on any text input box, do long press. And then choose ‘Input Method’ where you will see the ‘Select input method’ option.
  2. Choose the input method you want, in this example ‘Chinese keyboard’.
  3. Done.

To enable wifi

  1. Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings.
  2. password/key/…

To disable Wi-Fi auto-sleep:

  1. Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Press ‘option’ button.
  3. Select ‘Advanced’.
  4. Wi-Fi sleep policy > Never.

To make backup (goto to CWM recovery mode) – partitioning scard and then creat
(full) nandroid backup

  1. shutdown phone.
  2. remove battery.
  3. hold phone power button to make sure power drain.
  4. add battery.
  5. push start/power button.
  6. hit ‘back’ button multiple times (after first logo (sony ericsson) eppear, until CWM load).
  7. advance > partition sdcard > 256M > 32M. That will create two partition for sdcard.
  8. advance > partition sdcard > 1024M > 0M. That will re-create two partition for sdcard.
  9. create backup; backup & restore > backup.
  10. restart/reboot phone ‘reboot system now’.
  11. connect phone-usb-pc.
  12. on phone; turn on usb storage.
  13. from pc; copy nandroid backup at directory ‘clockworkmod/backup/*’ to laptop/pc.

To also use sdcard for application

  1. market; sign-in with google account.
  2. market: update ‘superuser’.
  3. market – install ‘link2SD’.
  4. open ‘link2sd’.
  5. allow.
  6. ext2.
  7. reboot device.

*”cannot create mount script? ext2… unupported by os?…”
If this happen, try do this steps in CWM Recovery mode:

  1. advance > partition sdcard > 256M > 32M.
    that will create two partition for sdcard.
  2. advance > partition sdcard > 1024M > 0M.
    that will create two partition for sdcard.

Basically we need the size for those two steps should be different, with the last step be the final/target size we want.

Then recreate mount script in link2sd.

?? market – install ‘busybox free’
?? busybox – install/update busybox
?? this will coz installed cwm broken

– disk info
– wechat
– mysolat
– whatsapp
– private diary free
– battery doctor
– file explorer: root browser
– whatsapp

– js terminal emulator

– text editor:

– keyboard: touchpal x …
configure touchpal keyboard: …

? myteksi

To switch-off auto-change display orientation:

  1. Settings > Sound & display settings > Display settings > Orientation > Untick the box.

To change screen timeout:

  1. Settings > Sound & display settings > Display settings > Screen timeout > Select 1 minute.

Before deliver

  • —cwm;-delete-data-&-cache-/-factory-reset?—
  • – using link2sd?; market: delete cache & delete data