GoboLinux 016

This is my note while trying with new release GoboLinux 016 inside VirtualBox.

GoboLinux VM VirtualBox configured as below:

  • KVM
sudo su -

Xorg -configure
 cp xorg.conf.new /etc/xorg.conf

vim /etc/xorg.conf
 Section "Device"
 # Driver "fbdev"
 Driver "vesa"


ip addr ls
 dhcpd enp0s1
 cd /Data/Compile/Recipes
 find . | grep -i tmux


NewVersion Tmux 2.3 https://github.com/tmux/tmux/releases/download/2.3/tmux-2.3.tar.gz
 Compile Tmux 2.3
vim /System/Settings/Compile/Compile.conf
 compileRecipeAuthor="Muhammad Najib Bin Ibrahim <mnajib@gmail.com>"

ContributeRecipe Tmux 2.3

#scp najib@tomato:~/.tmux.conf

If have broken links from previous installation attempt, try run this prior to Compile:

$ find /System/Index | RemoveBroken

To install package:

InstallPackage -b -C Qt




My OS Watch List

Berikut adalah senarai opensource OS yang menarik perhatian saya.

– FreeBSD
– LinuxMint
– Android-x86
– ReactOS
– NixOS
– GoboLinux


GoboLinux (http://www.gobolinux.org/) dan NixOS (http://www.nixos.org/) adalah OS yang paling saya teruja. Ini adalah kerana saya sangat tertarik dengan idea kaedah filesystem dan package manager.


Dan opensource OS yang seterusnya ialah ReactOS (http://www.reactos.org/).

gobolinux: New Major Release

GoboLinux 015, the new major release of GoboLinux.


GoboLinux, the Linux distribution featuring a rethought file system structure. This is the first full-system image release in a number of years, after a long period in which we kept only updating compilation recipes. Packages were built using both ALFS (Automated Linux from Scratch) and our custom dynamically-generated sandboxed environment which insulates the source code and its dependencies during compilation. Major upgrades include the Enlightenment 18 desktop and kernel version 3.14.2, as well as new versions of the GoboLinux management tools. Please check the Release Notes for details and download instructions.

Refer: http://gobolinux.org/