GoboLinux 016

This is my note while trying with new release GoboLinux 016 inside VirtualBox.

GoboLinux VM VirtualBox configured as below:

  • KVM
sudo su -

Xorg -configure
 cp xorg.conf.new /etc/xorg.conf

vim /etc/xorg.conf
 Section "Device"
 # Driver "fbdev"
 Driver "vesa"


ip addr ls
 dhcpd enp0s1
 cd /Data/Compile/Recipes
 find . | grep -i tmux


NewVersion Tmux 2.3 https://github.com/tmux/tmux/releases/download/2.3/tmux-2.3.tar.gz
 Compile Tmux 2.3
vim /System/Settings/Compile/Compile.conf
 compileRecipeAuthor="Muhammad Najib Bin Ibrahim <mnajib@gmail.com>"

ContributeRecipe Tmux 2.3

#scp najib@tomato:~/.tmux.conf

If have broken links from previous installation attempt, try run this prior to Compile:

$ find /System/Index | RemoveBroken

To install package:

InstallPackage -b -C Qt



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