Cheap Stereo Sound Amplifier for Audiophile

This are the tip for cheap audio system. I am using this system for my computer.

I bought cheap China made mini stereo amplifier to power-up my cheap used 4″ speaker.

By using this stereo amplifier, the sound is amplified. But there is a problem that really disturb me, I lost the stereo quality. I did test with one channel only, for example play audio source left channel only, I have the sound output to my left speaker, but plus I also hear the sound in my right speaker. This is very bad to me 😦

Then here I come with solution. The key of this tip are ‘two’ cheap mini stereo amplifier. Yes, I am using two mini stereo amplifier. One amplifier will be use to amplify left channel for output to left speaker, and another one amplifier will be use for output to right speaker.


Connection from audio input, to two separate amplifier, and then to speakers.

The output sound now really separate left and right channel. Stereo output very nice, like using ear/headphone.

Below are some pictures of my setup… very messy.

The two cheap stereo mini amplifier

The two cheap stereo mini amplifier

Cheap used 2.0 speaker

Cheap used stereo speaker